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California Dreaming

27 April 2012

I went to an amazing concert this evening.
It was so lovely.
I cannot wait to share it with you.
But now I feel tired, and like I wouldn't do it justice.
Don't you hate that?

So, instead, I'll leave you with pictures of our SoCal family.
I'm looking forward to my puppy reunion,
and lots of walks by the ocean.

in typical fashion, both dogs are stretching the limits


  1. Wow!!! Great photos!!

    I may or may not be listening to that song right I just had to You Tube it after I read your post title...considering I couldn't stop singing it once I did...

  2. SoCal living looks alright to me!!

  3. GIRL! I love that first picture :)
    It's an awesome shot and you guys all look so energetic...pups included!


  4. Yes...California rocks. I live a little north of there...but my family lives in Newport and we're down there a lot. You guys must have sooo much fun walking on the beach...lucky dogs. I hope you can come by and put your pic on my Pet Photo Party on Monday. It's our very first one...having it the last Monday of each month and we'll have a giveaway to one linker each time. Giving away a sweet doggie blanket Monday...Hope to see you guys there on Monday.

  5. Emily your dogs are so cute! I'm sure it'll definitely be great to reunite with those two lovelies again. And no one can deny that walks by the beach are amazing with such great company :)

  6. These photos are beautiful :) Must say though, why oh why is my dear Jeff wearing jeans and running shoes?! Cardinal sin buddy.

    Oh and also, DON'T LEAVE!!!! Xx

  7. those pictures are gorgeous! That's the kind you should make massive prints of for the wall. :)

  8. I'm just stopping by from Fur Baby Friday to say that your pics are beautiful.

    Warm Wishes,
    Kate, The Blog Diva

  9. Look at those pups! LOVE! Of course, you are the Mr. look mighty fine too!


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