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19 April 2012

Thank you all so much for your comments
on my Homebarrassment post!
So many of you expressed your excitement for the home tour.
Before I begin, let's recap the sneak peek photo.

I have a little confession to make.
That's actually not our apartment.
I'm rarely a prankster, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity.
I hope you all got as good a laugh out of it as I did.
Because I've been cracking myself up,
laughing until I'm crying,
reading your comments,
and imagining myself living in a room full of teddy bears.
I mean, that's gotta be the creepiest thing ever, right?

Then a realization hit me,
that it might be a big let down to see our actual apartment now.
I mean, if I was you, I'd totally rather see the rest of the creepy house.
But alas, google images has no more photos to share.

So, like it or not, you get to see our real apartment now.

I'm not kidding about the lumpiness of this couch.
It's probably compounded by the fact that we put a cover on the couch,
that was not specifically sized for it.
Nevertheless, you sit on the couch and immediately 
get dumped into a crack between the cushions.

Let me just tell you how amazing it is to have a separate hot and cold tap.
And by amazing, I mean not convenient at all.
In reality, it means we cannot use the hot water tap, 
because we do not enjoy getting scalded.

Yes, in addition to having the world's smallest shower,
something about the air flow in our bathroom
makes the shower curtain want to blow straight into the shower.
Hence, the shower curtain meets the rock.

I hope we're not the only ones with random corners of junk.
Something about living in a place temporarily,
is that you don't care as much about finding a place for everything.

And there you have it--our apartment.
Clearly, it's an improvement over Grandma's teddy bear collection,
shiny valence, doll collection, and overstuffed arm chairs.
However, it's not exactly our style.
It'll be great to get back to SoCal and move into our old place.

And it'll be especially good to get home to the white furry thing in our place ;)


  1. HAHAHA Em - 1, everyone else - 0. Well played.

    I like the projector in your SoCal home. It's very jeff-esque. Your Sydney home really doesn't look like you guys but your SoCal home does. This makes me sad.

    But still, your Sydney home is cute :) I like the look of the lumpy lounge ha! X

  2. Hahaha! I knew I had seen pictures of your place before.. I thought you might be faking!

    We have random junk corners too, don't worry. Maybe I will do a homebaressment post too.. after the maids clean tomorrow. That's right, you heard me, we have maid service 3x a week (although I usually ask them to skip my place). That's a different blog post entirely.

  3. Hahaha WOW when I saw the teddy bear house yesterday I was like...there is no way...

    So glad that was a joke!

    I like the kitchen in your real apartment :)

    Happy Thursday, girl!
    (or maybe Friday for you...I can't keep up ;))


  4. BAHAHAHA! Well played, girlfriend! In my comment yesterday, I was going to say, "You hid all of that really well during our Skype date, but maybe I missed it, because the screen was blurry?" Ha! I should have known you would do something like that.

    I'm still laughing about those faucets. Seriously. What. The. Heck. But I definitely recognize the kitchen! That's the first place I "met" you back in February... when you were in Thailand. :-)

    *HUG* I miss you when we don't tweet or e-mail every day!

  5. HAAAAAAAAA, good one!!!!! You picked an excellent prankster picture. Those teddy bears gave me nightmares last night.

    I'm so excited for you to get home to your doggy!!!

  6. you got me! i am such a sucker! you really got me!!!

  7. hahah....Your donation pile is so generous!

  8. hahaha you won that one for sure, you had me fooled!

  9. Haha, nice prank!! We've got the separate faucets, too- they're all over Europe, really. It drives me insane to have to wash my face in sink-water (as in, using the drain plug). We've got a storage/random room, instead of a corner- but we're here for three years, and we brought all our stuff, so a lot more random to store!

  10. ha ha ha! Trickster!

    You apartment is great, but you're right. Things don't matter as much when they are temporary. Plus those pups... I would miss them so much! Gorgeous!!

  11. seriously I wanted to comment yesterday about the teddy bears but didn't want to offend! SO relieved they aren't yours LOL

    really there isn't much worse when you're trying to shower and the plastic curtain keeps attacking you! the rock works :)

  12. How much longer are you in Australia?

  13. Haha, I thought the teddy bears were for real! You got me :) I do like your Aussie apartment though, and it seems to work well for you guys right now. Can't wait to see a tour of your California home when you get back!

  14. I was completely fooled! I was trying to think up a way to say, "did you have to rent all of that furniture with the apartment too?" that didn't sound like I was being rude!

    Also, my shower curtain blows at me too - it has done it in two different apartments now, one where I had a bathtub/shower and in this one where I also have the world's tiniest shower. It makes you wonder if someone failed the "appropriate bathroom air flow" section of building class or maybe was absent that day : )

  15. ha, I missed part 1 but I bet I would've fallen for it. I'm so gullable. But your place looks nice!
    Shower rock is my favorite addition. Nothing worse than shower curtains attacking you when you're naked and covered in body wash.

  16. I lalalala LOVE your apartment... super homy and cute. My fave room is the living room! Projector?!?! US TOO! I opted for NOT having it, but my fiance pushed for it :/ These guys!!

    So jay you'll be moving back to sunshine state soon!!!

  17. You are too funny. Your Sydney place is no where near as bad as that one. Is that an astro turf rug under the coffee table?

  18. Your apartment reminds me of ours in Singapore. It was a bunch of mediocre stuff that was left there by the landlord, and a random assortment of Ikea furniture. And yes, we had random piles because we didn't want to buy furniture to store things because we knew we'd just have to get rid of it when we left. We brought none of it back with us!

  19. This is SO great! Laughed out loud over the rock... hahaha. I just love that you posted the junk corners... as opposed to other bloggers who would only highlight the prettiest sections! You are a gem and delight to follow :)

  20. You are hilarious!!! Oh my gosh, I am dying. Too funny! And I do love seeing your actual apartment :) It's way cuter than granny town!


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