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Why I Don't Understand Pinterest

21 March 2012

I'm usually a straggler on the technology bandwagon.  That is not to say that I'm a technophobe.  No,  As a survey our living room, I find 2 Macbooks, 1 PC laptop, 1 blackberry, 1 iphone 4, 1 ipod, and 2 ipads.

However, I'm rarely an early adopter.  I like other people to test the waters and give me their feedback.  Technology can be overwhelming at times, so I want to know the purpose it will serve before I jump on board.

I joined Pinterest exactly 47 days ago.  I was late to the party.  Everyone was already addicted to it, yet I still didn't get it.  I could understand why other people liked it.  But how would it help me?  How would I use it?  I'm not really on the hunt for new recipes.  I haven't done a craft since 4th grade summer camp.  So what's the point?!

Something about Pinterest just simply didn't sit well with me.  And I finally figured out what it is.

I dislike anything that brings my attention to things I don't have.  I don't want to long for that amazing pillow case or lamp shade or necklace.  Nor do I want to lust after the cutest new clothes or styles.  I want to focus on what I do have and spend time appreciating it.

However {at the risk of sounding like a flip-flopper}, it is okay to have plans, and goals, and dreams for the future.  One of my best friend's is a Life Coach, and she taught me a wonderful method to channel those goals & dreams, to expedite their arrival.

It's called an 'Ideal Scene', and it looks a little something like this.  I won't get into the nitty gritty of how to choose the right words, how specific to be, etc. {though you can find tips here, if you're curious.}

J and I have been talking more and more lately about getting a house.  Not just any old house, but our dream house.  Something about getting a little older, and thinking about getting re-settled in California, has us wanting a home that will be "ours" for a very long time.

We plan to sit down and create an Ideal Scene for our home.  For now, we've been all talk....even though we both believe that the Universe manifests only after we get serious, specific, and put some action behind it.

Then it hit me!  I could use Pinterest to find some photos that align with the specific aspects of our Ideal Scene.  OF COURSE!  This is the way to use Pinterest to help me.

Seriously, guys, sometimes it takes me awhile to come around.

Here's what we're after:

1.) Windows, windows, windows {with water & city views}

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

2. Indian-inspired Design & Decor

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

3. A Meditation Room

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

4. Fruit Trees! {Okay, this *might* be more my desire than my hubby's}

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Of course there are many more aspects to our Ideal Scene, but this is a nice little start :)

Linking up with Michelle @ Vintage Apple for this Pinterest-inspired post.

Please share with me, how do you use Pinterest?


  1. Hahaha, I laughed so hard at that Pininterest quote thing. The pictures you posted are amazing though! Particularly the first two, woah :O I think it's great though that you found a way to make it work for you! Seeing as I don't have Pininterest I look forward to seeing more pics that you show! X

  2. I dislike pinterest, because it takes away the credit of the pictures and says in its rules that the company can use, mail and sell anyone's pinterest walls for commercial purposes.

    Still on a search for something similar, so far I love tumblr for inspirational (and fair crediting) picture posts :)

  3. this is a good post!! Makes you think.. :)

  4. I think you have hit the nail on the head. Great post! Good luck on planning your dream home. That is so exciting:)

  5. Have you noticed I haven't done the Pinterest link-up in the last couple of weeks? :-)

    For all of the cool things on there, I'm not currently that interested. I'd love to do a lot of the cool projects and DIYs on there, but I don't have to the money to keep buying more materials. And as much as I like clothing visually, shopping is a rare activity, and I always get frustrated, because it's hard to find clothing that fits me.

    In short, I completely agree with the first part of your post. I've found that I've only been pinning quotations I like. :-) The rest? It seemed wasteful to look at things of which 95% will never be mine!

    But in similar flip-flop fashion, I DO love your Ideal Scene pins! How nice to have a life coach at your disposal! I have a former relationship specialist at mine. Oh, did I mention is was Mr. TBS? Yeah, talk about being nervous on THAT first date!

  6. I'm digging your outlook on Pinterest!

    I basically use it to plan out recipe and outfits to try based on things I already have lol because Lord knows this little college budget living girl can't be buying new things left & right ;)

    But I love the first window pin...SO incredibly gorgeous!

    Happy Wednesday...Thursday maybe? ;)

  7. I'm always late to join the technology train too...I got a twitter account only 2 weeks ago! But, I'm glad you found a way to help pinterest be helpful. And, I love the "channeling" hopes and dreams exercise, I'm definitely going to try this, thanks!

  8. I think I use Pinterest because I'm easily distracted by shiny objects. I'm loving that Indian-inspired decor, for example.

    Pinterest is like the world's longest picture book, an actual neverending story, and I got hooked on those things when I was a toddler.

    Other people's "Books Worth Reading" boards are my actual, actual favorite thing on Pinterest. It's like a condensed version of Goodreads without all extraneous notifications.

  9. I don't Pinterest because I had the exact same feelings as you. All I'm left with are feelings of "want" and nothing in my hands. To which then it drives me to go shopping...and well, that's not always very productive either.
    But now! After this post, I couldn't agree more with you. I am all about putting things out there in the universe; Verbal and Visual cues always help move things along, I think. So great idea with the Pinterest thing...Once I actually figure out what I want my "Ideal Scene" to be...I can start collecting pictures! :)

  10. I totes agree with Pinterest quote... it's for dreaming, but for me it's totes inspirational.. like you have found it to be with your new house you're shopping for!

    I love the idea of having windows all over. I love windows!! Makes me feel not trapped at all! I love the fact that you're able to see outside everywhere in a house with windows all over!!

  11. I feel the same way about Twitter, I just don't get what I would use it for. Mayb e it's not meant to be useful for someone like me. I dunno. But I do check out Pinterest almost as often as the good old Facebook lately. ;)

  12. I love pinterest but I am also a crafter and in the process of planning a wedding so I am getting inspiration from there for it (:

  13. Im with you, I can only go on there if Im looking for something specific. I am in no way a browser. I do agree with your commentor above, they are horrible about giving credit to their images and that bothers me!


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