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What I'm Learning {VLOG}

28 March 2012

Note: I swear I don't blink this much in real life.

Welcome New Readers!  A few posts to get you started:
Our Journey to Oz
Australian Lingo {Part I}
What's next after Australia?

Waxing my new board--8' mini-mal
First surf lesson ever
Two seconds later 
Definitely better on solid ground ;)

A couple of weeks ago in Manly.  I promise I can actually ride a wave fully standing on the board. Someday, I'll have evidence!

And a huge thanks to Ashley & Andi for hosting this vlog link-up :)  If it weren't for you, there would be no video evidence of me on this blog.  I definitely need the peer pressure!


  1. OBVIOUSLY, this link-up holds a special place in my heart, because it's how we met (even though you had to remind me of that)! It's so exciting to see video of you again and hear your voice! It's almost like I do know you IRL! I agree that the blogging community is AWESOME!

    I can't wait to see more pictures of you surfing! Now you'll not only be the gal who moved to Oz but also the girl who learned to surf in Oz. That's pretty bad-ass in my book!


  2. Ok I love you even more now!! You are too dang cute..and WAY LESS NERVOUS THAN I WAS apparently! :)

    Yay for Vlogs!!

  3. so cute! how exciting that you get to live in Australia and learn to surf--you are brave and i am so happy i got to "meet" you through this link party. many blessings on your decisions moving forward.


  4. Ahhh! I'd love to learn how to surf, not to mention spend a whole year in Australia! I too love the blogging community…so much support and friendship here. So glad to have come across your blog today!

  5. awww it was so great to see you in "real life"... i loved the video blog link up the first time, i cant remember if i saw you that time around..i was so overwhelmed. but now that you are more familiar to me i love this =) lucky you , surfer girl !! and i love the letting go thing. so true. storms come, but if we trust that "this too shall pass"... it really will =)

  6. hahaha, yesssss. the 'two seconds later' photo made me laugh SO hard, the fact that jeff is like coasting by makes it even better hahaha. I think you've also been learning to be Australian, you seem pretty well adjusted (somewhat) to the crazy way shit goes down here!

    I'm going to miss you a bucket load when you go home :( it's better super, super awesome meeting you in real life and actually liking you more for it!

    Blog baby time fo shizzle, xxx

  7. So good to see & hear you Em! I'm totally with you on how it's hard to remember to let go & believe things will work out for the best. I know they will, but it's something I have to constantly be reminding myself of!

  8. You are beautiful girl! I am so jealous of you learning to surf... that sounds so fun! And girl, letting go is SO hard... good for you for following your heart :-)

  9. Oh that is waaaay too cool that you have learned to surf!!!

    Loved hearing what you are learning, I agree learning to let go is an ongoing thing for me too.

    Blogging community is pure amazingness!!!!

  10. Awe I love it!

    I dont think I'd have anything to talk about in a vlog!

  11. aaannnnnnddddddd your video made me like you that much more (if that was even possible).

  12. hey... since i learned so much from you already, can you tell me how to add the "you might also like" links below your posts... ? =) is that in your teaching blog post?

  13. Steve is sleeping and I can't find my earbuds so I am going to watch this later. But lady can surf? You're amazing. I swam once at manly - the waves there are indeed manly.

    p.s. I want to Vlog!

  14. I feel like we've hung out now! yay :-) You're so well spoken :-)

  15. You are too cute and so well spoken! I feel like I know you, now! And I think you are a bad ass surfer!

  16. Surfing- way cool! You look awesome on that board! And I posted about control too. Letting go can be so difficult, but not stressing out and having faith is totally worth it :)

  17. Yeah girl!! Love these pics! Ripping :)

  18. I finally watched this. It's amazing. I really want to VLOG but am way too nervous. You seem like a natural.


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