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Tourists in Our Own Town

15 March 2012

Sometimes, tourists have all the fun.  They see everything with fresh eyes, and capture every beautiful part of a city.  To take full advantage of where we live, sometimes we have to adopt the tourist mentality.

Today, we did exactly that.

I arrived home from work, shedded the suit, grabbed the camera, and we were off.

Travel by ferry is an essential part of the tourist experience in Sydney.  It also just happens to be the quickest way to the Opera House.  Score for low-cost, open-air, on the water transport.

There's something so special about Sydney Harbour.  When the sun is shining, and the ferry carries you straight toward the Opera House and Harbour feel simply captivated.  There are certain places, and monuments, and conditions that beg you to take a photo.

The Opera House is one of those places.  I literally have hundreds of photos of the Opera House.  And yet, every single time I see it, I feel compelled to snap another.  It is so majestic, so grand in it's stature and placement, it simply demands attention.  I love it so much.  It takes my breath away every time.

We wandered around Circular Quay for a bit, before heading over to the Customs House.

Jeff was dying to show me the lobby, where they have a full model of the city under a glass floor.  It was very cool; however, difficult to capture on film.

After the Customs House, I wanted to wander through The Rocks.  Nestled under the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks is where it all began.  When British settlers {and convicts} arrived in Australia in the late 1700's, they first settled in this area.  Much of the history and architecture remains.

It's funny how I disdained history growing up.  My parents took me to Europe when I was 13.  At that time, I could not have been less interested in architecture or historical significance.  I wanted to know if our hotels had pools {they didn't} and if there would be cute boys {there weren't.}

Now?  I'm finally gaining an appreciation of what's old and beautiful.  It makes me sad that new construction seems to lack the quality and timelessness so easily found in older architecture.  I get giddy walking over cobblestone that's been around since the 1800's.  I love the stained glass windows, high ceilings, and attention to detail from that era.

To find such old, beautiful buildings, situated under one of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney?  Perfection.


  1. What a great post! I have never been to Sydney (I wanna go there one day) and this is a bit like a tiny insight in how beautiful this city is. Plus a bit of history lesson with "the rock", which I didn't know about before!

  2. GIRL!
    You could post about Australia every. single. day.
    And I wouldn't be complaining ;)

    I'm gonna visit someday...!

    Happy Thursday (I think it's still Thursday for you?! ;))


  3. Did I ever tell you that I lived in Sydney for 6 weeks - before heading back to South Korea? I really loved it there - but dude it's expensive for a backpacker. We stayed in a crappy hostel - but I loved the harbour. I loved walking along the botanical gardens. So awesome. You should tell us more about it so I can get super jealous and then head there after our honeymoon in Thailand!

  4. You have such a wonderful blog! Newest follower :)


  5. Gorgeous! If I went to Oz, I'd probably never leave.

    And don't think I didn't notice the web address on that watermark, girl! All official now!

  6. i need to get to sydney!

    this looks amazing~

    xo the egg out west.

  7. enjoy your vacation! <3

  8. Sometimes even when you live in the most awesome of places, you forget to just be a tourist and take it all in! I think some of that is that you feel like you have time to do it later - then all of a sudden, time is up! Glad you are taking full advantage of it!

  9. I agree. Old architecture is dying and it makes me so sad. That's awesome that you got to see so many of it in person. There's something about stone buildings that makes my heart flutter.

  10. pure BLISS!!! Love Sydney, and I've never even been before! Thanks for sharing for us that are still dreaming ;)

  11. I'm with you on the architecture. In downtown Seattle, I always think about what a shame it is that buildings don't still look like that....and that the best part of the city's architecture is in such a crappy part of town.


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