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29 March 2012

Dear Katie, thanks for sharing your fabulous design skills with me.  I absolutely love my new Facebook Timeline cover.  The fact that you included a template so I can change out photos, and step-by-step instructions on how to do it?  Uh-mazing.

Dear friends, there's good news for you too.  Katie's offering a special deal for fellow bloggers, since timeline goes live for all fan pages on April 1st.  Act fact.

Speaking of acting fast, Dear March, where the heck did you go?  It's like you were here one minute, gone the next.  Please tell your buddy April to slow down a bit, will you?  We only have two months left in Australia, and I'd like to savor it!

Dear meditation retreat, I'm so excited that you're finally here!  Your presence is welcome and needed.  I'm not sure what it is with me and needing external motivation...but I do know that I meditate longer and deeper when I'm with a group.  Looking forward to the silence, the joy, the simplicity, and the fellowship on offer.

Blissed out in India.  More bliss?  Yes please!!!

Dear cellphone, computer, ipad, blogger, twitter, facebook, and all other electronic devices, due to said retreat, you and I will not be hanging out this weekend.  You know I love you {maybe a little too much}, but I also need some space.  Some silence.  Some uninterrupted focus on my spiritual life.  Don't worry, come Sunday evening we'll be friends again :)


Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


  1. Enjooooy the peace and serenity this weekend, my love! I won't be in that happy place, but I'm happy that you will be! :-)

    I looove you, dear! Now get on with yourself and enjoy the abundance of meditation and the universe.

  2. Have a wonderful time on the retreat. I have never been on one, but I would love to. I can only imagine it being a powerful and renewing experience. I hope it brings you peace in the areas you crave it most.


    Meg ;)

  3. Love that photo of you in India - just beautiful!

  4. A break from electronic devices is exactly what I need too!


  5. Enjoy your quiet time this weekend girl! And I love your timeline cover! Fabulous!

  6. that sounds sooo amazing right now. i really could use something like that..hope its super relaxing =)

  7. hey, I am Indian and totally love the photo of you and kids cuteness!

  8. love your header picture (whatever it's called) in FB!! I can't get this whole timeline thing down, so thanks for the referral for fancy-ing it up :)


  9. Your timeline cover is awesome! Katie does such a great job :) Meditation retreat?!? That sounds so great! When did you go to India? Hmm... maybe I need to scour your blog and see if you have any posts on that! Hope the treats was wonderful!


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