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Dear Dad

10 March 2012

Dear Dad,

As you know, I bought you hygiene products for your birthday.  These could arguably, be the worst and most insulting gifts a person could receive, yet you were so gracious and thankful {and understood that I was going for the healthy, minimalist, Earth-friendly angle.}  


I'm not surprised, because that's just a natural reflection of your soul qualities.  You are such a sweet, kind, gentle, encouraging person.  People love to be around you, because you are so uplifting.  Your positivity, optimism, and abundance mentality are infectious.  

Thank you for being such a great role model for me.  When I was young, you taught me self-discipline, through structure and scheduling.  You showed me work ethic, through the long hours you worked.  By your example, I learned how to treat people with respect.  You taught me right and wrong.  You also taught me all about football, and we spent many Sundays together on the couch, watching the Lions.

We danced through the living room to "Waltzing Matilda," with your awesome vocals ;)

As I got older, you helped me discover yoga and meditation.  Through your own exploration and discovery, you shaped the most important aspect of my life.  Soon, our conversations centered around how to manifest our destinies, how to love others more deeply, how to gain mastery over the ups and downs of life.

This journey brought us to India together, not even six months ago.  We were so lucky to have that father/daughter time!  It was so sweet and special...I feel very blessed that we got to explore India together.  Not only did the experience deepen our bond, but it was clear that our relationship had an impact on so many others.  So many people told us how beautiful it was to see a Father & Daughter traveling together...and it was clear to them how much we love each other.

Dad, 2012 is going to be a wonderful year for you.  Day by day, you are becoming an more loving person, a more giving person.  You are so full of love and light--it spills over to everyone around you.

I love you and I'm so glad I get to call you Dad.

Hugs and kisses from Australia,
Your {favorite} daughter, aka
Hermanita, aka
Emmy June


  1. Hermanita, What a wonderfully loving message to wake up to on my birthday! Thank you for your heartfelt sentiments! As you know, I am immeasurably blessed to have the three best daughters in the world.

  2. Aw this is sooooo sweet! You are blessed to have such a wonderful Dad. And that picture of the 2 of you (bottom, center)...too adorable for words.

  3. This is so sweet! I made me a little teary...

    p.s. Is your dads birthday March 10? I think we share a birthday. Happy birthday to your dad.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to your dad. He sounds like the most incredible person =)

    and that comment he left on this post... sigh dads are the best.

  5. So sweet! daddy/daughter relationships are so special. PS- your wedding dress is gorgeous!

  6. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man who has really nurtured your development well into your adulthood! And guess what? That sounds like my dad too. We're two very lucky ladies!

    And also... soap nuts! Scott and I use soap nuts (Earth's Berries brand), and I even blogged about them! AWESOME.

    We are blog soulmates. Like, for real.

  7. awww happy birthday to your dad! xoxo


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