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Australia vs. USA

24 March 2012

Today I'm over at Finding Gravity talking about Australia vs USA.

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Come on over to read about the price of bananas, driving on the left, and more!


  1. I read it, I loved it (as usual) - twas very accurate! When I'm in California (whenever that will be) I'm definitely going to do the comparison and see who really ends up on top! Go Aus go! X

  2. Another masterpiece by Emmy! And I was sure to leave a comment letting her know I visited from EJBM! You are great, Em!

  3. Just read your post and learned a lot about Aussie living. Things are ridiculously priced over there. 9 bucks for 2 bananas?! Crazy. And that's so sad about the price of Ben and Jerry's, buuuut the work hours do sound fantastic and I would live there at least for a few months if I could! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi! You commented on my blog a while back and I'm just now getting settled enough to pop on over to yours. I love it! You are right, I think Sydney and Adelaide are probably very different places (probably about like your native CA and my UT!), but I'm going to love following along about all the funny Oz differences. So far I've found produce to be pretty cheap but other stuff is soooo expensive- like $6 for toothpaste! I'm excited to settle in and learn even more. Cheers, new blog friend!

  5. I wasn't able to comment on the other blog, but I must say I really enjoyed your post!!! So interesting! :) I hope to make it over to Perth within the next year or so. I can't get over the price of bananas lol!

  6. Franchesca! You should have been able to comment! hmm, I wonder why? I use wordpress and it allows comments from every platform. You just have to select what platform you use in the drop down menu! Glad you ready Em's post, it pretty much rocked my socks off!


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