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You're about to experience Dessert Envy...

02 February 2012

Our first week in Sydney, a good friend from the U.S. sent us a message on Facebook that we should go to Max Brenner's while in Oz.  Max Brenner's? Uhh, okay.  I figured it was some steakhouse that would not interest me at all.  That is, until I googled it and was pleasantly surprised {read: beside myself with excitement} to find that it's a dessert bar!

This is J & I's favorite place ever.  They have pipes to transport the chocolate they make inside the restaurant.  {Is everyone thinking of Willy Wonka now? Good.} This place is seriously ridic.  And, mind you, this is coming from the girl who has the dessert menu memorized at every restaurant in SoCal {including the $100 per plate kinda places.}

{Jeff always gets the first item on this menu.  I always get the second one.}
There's actually another huge menu full of delicious treats, but I only snapped this one since it has the descriptions of our faves.

{Here's mine.  Gooey toffee, malt balls, waffle pieces, and notice the pure milk chocolate and caramelized pecans that I get to add myself?  YUM!}

{Here's J about to pour the chocolately goodness onto his treat.}

What are your favorite desserts?  {This is seriously my favorite topic, so I expect some delicious comments!}

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