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Tuesday Travel Diaries: Dominica

21 February 2012

Welcome back for another week of TTD!
This week, I'm excited to feature Katie from Priceless Adventure.
Since discovering Katie's blog, I've been dying to hear more
about the little island that she & her hubby call home.

Tuesday Travel Diaries

The basics:
My husband & I moved to Dominica in August of 2010 so that he could pursue his dream of going to medical school.  We quit our jobs, put our things in storage, and rented out our house in Southern California. We are still here, and will be moving back to the states sometime later this year so that he can do his clinical rotations in America.

What route did you take? How much was the flight?

To get to Dominica, we take 3 airplanes. It is a Long Trip. There is always an overnight involved, either on the plane or in a hotel. The flight alone is usually about $1000 from California. Give or take a hundred or two dollars depending on if the flights are packed with medical students during semester breaks. 

Who did you travel with?
I've made the trip with my husband & two cats, just my husband, and by myself. I definitely prefer traveling with my husband from the three choices because then I don't have to worry about creepers sitting next to me or where I'm going to leave my bags while I use the restroom.  

Tell us where you stayed.
There are a few hotels on the island, but they are all privately owned and operated. There is not a single resort here! If you were coming to the island, I would recommend staying:
$$$$- Secret Bay <>
$$$- Rosalie Bay <>

View from Pagua Bay

Did you encounter anything unexpected?
Oh my, everyday there is something new and unexpected. I call these my "Only in Dominica"  moments. For example, this "bus" with linoleum flooring & wall carpeting.

How accurate are the stereotypes?
I'm not sure anyone has stereotypes about this island because, well, most people don't know it exists! Even I thought I was moving to the Dominican Republic initially. Turns out that Dominica is actually one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of size & population. A total of 68,000 people live here. The local islanders have mixed African and Caribbean heritage, and they speak English - technically - with an impressive accent.

Photo of us crossing the one major highway!

Dominica is also a developing nation, so you don't expect much! Other than the major highway, the roads are mostly unpaved. There is not a single stop light on the island. You won't find any chain restaurants, malls or movie theaters here. There is not really any shopping, other than for souvenirs. But, the people are wonderful and friendly. The surroundings are breathtaking, and the beach is always only a few minutes away!

Tell us about the food.
On the one hand, there is always fresh fish, chicken, local vegetables & plenty of fruit. On the other it has been hard for me to adjust to cooking with limited ingredients. The island is small, so a lot of important ingredients (like milk, butter, red-meat) have to be shipped in from other islands. This makes for high prices & low supply. I'm sad to say that the food has been the most disappointing part of living here.

Are there any must sees?
Yes!! Pagua Bay, Red Rock, Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool, just to name a few. The Island of Dominica is green, lush, and relatively untouched. It's nickname is "The Nature Isle of the Caribbean." The snorkeling & diving is incredible, and the beaches are clean and abundant. My very favorite spot has to be Scotts Head, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you have any regrets?
I have no regrets. My time on the island has been filled with new adventures, new friends, and self-discovery. I was able to quit my job and start a new career as a graphic & web designer. Moving to Dominica was the best decision we ever made, and I'll be sad when we have to leave later this year.

Would you go back?
Yes! This island has stolen a little piece of my heart, and I will always remember this time fondly. 

Anything else you'd like to share about the trip?

I feel like I need to say something about the weather. January & February are beautiful, but the rest of the year is miserably hot & humid. Clothes sticking to you, sweat dripping down your back, I-might-pass-out hot. It gets easier the longer you are here, but it is still very annoying. For your own sanity, I recommend coming to visit in January!

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Katie--thank you so much for sharing!
Readers--if you're not already friends with Katie...go check her out.  I love her so much that I awarded her the Liebster Award.

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