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Something Amiss in the Kitchen

01 February 2012

Here's a picture of our kitchen:

Notice anything funny?

Oh, you know...just a bird...inside our house.
Naturally, I blame my husband.
He puts cereal out on the window sill everyday, because the birds in Oz are so beautiful.
So, after snacking on some Crispix, Paul just decided to stroll on in.

Where does he go?
The sugar bowl.  Starts chowing down by the beak full.
Meanwhile, I'm a nervous wreck because there's a wild bird in the house.
At our place in SoCal, a dove got stuck {read, was too dumb to figure out how to exit} in our stairwell for two days.  During those days, I was petrified to enter or exit the apartment.  She would start flapping her wings and go nuts and crap all over the place.

Anyhow, I'm happy to report that Paul was friendlier and easier to relocate.
While he was busy getting high on crystal meth {aka sugar granules}, Jeff moved the sugar bowl to the window. Paul went along for the ride, until he was outdoors again.
Unfortunately, Jeff hasn't learned the error of his ways.  In fact, he's got Paul jonesin' for meth on the daily basis now.  Which is kinda sweet, in a way, except it's 87 degrees with 80% humidity and we cannot open our windows for fear of letting in the whole animal kingdom.

He is pretty cute though.

P.S. Congratulations to Michelle for winning the Valentine's Giveaway!  Enjoy your heart-shaped eggs :)  Can't wait to see the pictures.

P.P.S. I leave for Thailand tomorrow morning!  Cannot freakin' wait! {And, yes, I'll still be blogging, though probably not as frequently.}

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