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A Rant

25 February 2012

I'm usually not much of a ranter.  But there are certain occasions that make you go What the f$@*.

I'm helping to plan a free meditation event, open to the public, at the meditation centre I attend.  At this point, our biggest effort is just spreading the word.  So I decided to join a Meetup group called "Sydney Outdoor Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation."  I was interested in what the group had to offer anyhow, and thought some of the members might want to attend this free meditation event.

So, upon joining the group, I "Suggest a Meetup" and add the details for the event.

After suggesting the meetup, I decided to send a short E-mail to the Organizer.

Dear Mirella,
I'm so glad to have found this group.  I'm looking forward to participating in some of the yoga classes. Are there ever events on the North Shore?  Also, I'm attending a free meditation event soon and thought others might be interested.  I suggested it as a meetup.

Almost a week goes by, with no response.  Then I get this gem....

I don't know how you got into my calendar to post an event. 
However good your intentional, this is feels disrespectful and is way out of line, asyou are not an organiser. 
However, good luck with your event. 
{spelling errors left uncorrected.}

Okay guys, if you've never been part of a Meetup group should know that most of them love new ideas and contribution from members.  Between that and the fact that "Suggest a Meetup" is at the top of every page {as shown in the photo above}, I was slightly miffed that her initial reaction was that I somehow "got into" her calendar.

Was she accusing me of somehow hacking into her account?  That seemed way too far fetched.  Not to mention, if I did in fact do something that crazy, why on Earth would I E-mail her to tell her about it?  Surely it must be a misunderstanding.  She must not know all the features of Meetup.  So give her the benefit of the doubt.


I didn't "get into your calendar."  When you are a member of a meetup group, you can click to "Suggest a Meetup."  It does not become a Meetup until the Organizer approves it.  It just allows other members to get involved and suggest things, while still giving Organizers the final say.  Does that make sense?

I was sure that would clear up any misunderstanding and all would be right with the world.  But alas, that was giving her way too much credit.  Her reply?

Yes and no .. its an issue of respect.


SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  You think I disrespected you by suggesting a meetup for a free meditation event on a *Yoga & Meditation* meetup board?  God forbid.  

My higher Self was telling me to just let the issue go.  Crazy people will be crazy.  What can you do?  But my lower self was unwilling to let it go.  I feel slightly ashamed for not taking the high road, but I guess we all have those moments.


Honestly, I was totally flabbergasted by your initial response. The fact that your immediate conclusion was that I "got into your calendar" and "crossed the line."  But I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you just didn't know all the features in Meetup.  Obviously, if I didn't respect you as the Organizer, I wouldn't have taken the time to send you a message letting you know about the meetup I suggested and that I'm so happy to be a part of the group.  

Clearly, you're not looking for a meetup group that invites collaboration, new ideas, and member participation.  I'm glad to find this out right away, as there are many others that *love* participation, feedback, and fresh ideas.  

As someone who's trying to live a yogi life, it's sad to think you've found a group of like-minded individuals....only to be judge and criticized right off the bat.

In terms of issues of respect--I do not respect you.  I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and obviously should not have.  

I'll make sure to pass along the terrible experience I've had with YogaSatiLife to everyone I know.


To which I received this response, right away:

Hi Emily,

I am very open, in  supporting, co creating and networking with many other wonderful people. 
Respectful communication and action is a very important foundation for collaboration.

I had received your request and was actually interested in connecting. I have been unable to respond as yet, having dealt with a family loss and keeping up with my own commitments.

My emails simply openly expressed what I felt about the situation of you taking the action of submitting an event, without receiving a response.
If you re read my emails, no animosity whatever has been expressed towards you.

However from your vindictive, judgemental and threatening response, I do not wish to collaborate with you.


Can we say BACKPEDAL?!?!  Maybe we aren't reading the same emails, because when I go back and reread your emails, as you suggest, I find where you call me "disrespectful" and "way out of line." Is it even possible to read into that?  Because I was taking your insults at face value.  Glad we're finally on the same page with the fact that a collaboration isn't going to happen.  You clearly only want to promote your own yoga studio's paid events.  Sorry for stepping on your toes.

What do you think guys?  Am I missing something here {aside from the irony of this flame war starting over the topics of yoga & meditation, which is pretty ridic}?!

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  1. This made me laugh out loud!! She sounds nuts :) I thought your responses were well written and to the point. Well done. Thanks for the laugh.


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