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"Problems Not Problems" Monday

27 February 2012

I basically only look at Pinterest because I like linking up with Michelle @ Vintage Apple.

My Macbook Pro gets first-degree burn hot if I let it sit on my lap too long.

The fake Rolex watch that I bought J in Thailand has to be wound in order to keep running.  Seriously?!?  I didn't even know you could buy a watch like that anymore.  Not to mention, the Thai guy kept emphasizing "Auto-maaaaaatic.  Very speeeensive."

So many of the link-ups I love are all on Friday.  What's wrong with Thursday, peeps?

This link-up totally reminds me of First World Problems.

{Can we all agree that this guy looks like James Vanderbeek from Dawson's Creek?}

Thanks, Mrs. Monologues, for the fun :)

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  1. hahahahaha! i loved this... so hilarious. especially the phone in the bathroom problem. LMAO. My macbook does the same thing, and I love your thailand accent ;) hehe I just scrolled through all your recent posts and stopped on this one. You're wonderful :) Love your blog! xo


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