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On a Koh Phi Phi Comedown...

12 February 2012

Well, dear readers, I'm home from Thailand.
It was a travel marathon this weekend that involved checking out of Phuket hotel at 10:00am Saturday,
and not arriving home until 7:30am Sunday.
Let me tell you how awesome it is to spend a nine-hour flight surrounded by work colleagues you only sort-of know.  Awesome.  I personally know that I look and act my best in those situations.
I show off my 'sleeping with mouth open' skills, my bad breath that results from aforementioned skill, and how quickly I can eat a bread roll with butter.  Oh yeah.
Needless to say, I'm wishing I was still here.
However, I'm glad to be home with J for our two-year wedding anniversary.

More to come when the travel-haze lifts.

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