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My Review of BlogLovin'

29 February 2012

I've been using BlogLovin' for about two weeks now, and decided to give y'all a rundown of my likes and dislikes.

Emmy June's Top 5 Reasons to Use BlogLovin'

5. The sign-up process, user interface, and ease of adding blogs are all pluses.  It took me less than 15 minutes to add my entire reading list into BlogLovin'.

4. With Google Friend Connect in flux, it seems to be more important than ever to connect with your readers from more than one avenue {ie. have them 'Like' you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, etc.}  So I would encourage folks to add a BlogLovin' button to their blog, even if you don't plan to use it yourself.

3. I thought you could only follow blogs that were registered with Blog Lovin'.  Not true.  You can follow any blog, from anywhere on the internet.  This is a major plus!  Whether Blogger, Wordpress, or self hosted, you can find it and follow it, all in one spot.

2. There is a nice alert feature {via Google Chrome browser extension, one-click install} to let you know when you have unread blog posts on your reading list.  This means you can stop obsessively hitting refresh on your Google reader or Blogger feed.

1. The number ONE reason to start using Blog Lovin' is efficiency.  Before, I was using the Reading List from my Blogger dashboard.  That means you click on each blog post you want to read, it opens in a new browser tab, you read it & comment, then close the browser tab, then back to the Blogger Reading List, click the next unread post, and repeat.  All of that extra back & forth really adds up when you're trying to keep up with a lot of blogs.

Blog Lovin' is a huge improvement in that department.  When you click an unread post from your BlogLovin' feed, it opens in a new browser tab.  Once you've read the post and commented, you simply click "Next Post" on the BlogLovin' bar at the bottom of the page.  It tells you how many unread posts you have remaining, and moves you directly on to the next blog.  It might not sound much faster, but it really is a more streamlined process.

Emmy June's Top Improvements to Blog Lovin'

3. When you go into the settings for your own blog on BlogLovin', it asks you to connect your blog to a Facebook account.  If you do this, it will automatically post when you update your blog {cool, right.}  The downfall is that it won't let you connect to a Facebook Page, only a personal account.  Most bloggers don't blast out every single post they write to their individual FB friends list {or maybe y'all do}, but would prefer to hook it up to the Facebook Page they've created specifically for their blog.  I emailed BlogLovin' asking them to fix let's hope they're listening!

2. BlogLovin' should allow you to see who is following your blog through their site.  As it stands, you can see how many followers you have, but not who.  The reason I think this would be helpful is to know if the people following you on BL are duplicates of GFC friends, or are unique followers.

1. While the little alert feature {Google Chrome extension} I showed you guys updates automatically, the BlogLovin' reading list does not.  I find this annoying.  In my mind, the BlogLovin' browser page should auto-refresh every 5-minutes to reflect any recent activity.  Otherwise, you end up with this craziness:

Notice how my BlogLovin' page says I have no unread posts?  Then look up in the corner of my browser and you'll see an alert that I have, in fact, 22 unread posts.  Unless I refresh the BlogLovin' page, it won't show me those new posts.  Lame!

Overall, I'm a definite convert.  Anything that helps me keep up on my blog reading and commenting in a more efficient way, is a huge plus in my book.  While there are some definite improvements to be made, I expect they will get corrected over time.

What do you guys think?  Do you have an efficient method for blog reading?  If so, please share!

Update: If you want a quick and easy way to import all the blogs you read into BlogLovin', check out this tutorial.


  1. Thank you, Emily! This post helped me to understand Bloglovin better! I will convert, too!
    Claudine, from

  2. thank you ... i'm trying to decide how to replace googlereader and needed a non-techie real world opinion :o)

  3. I just switched to Bloglovin from Google Reader. Another blogger commented about how she can read the full blog without having to click to open. That's not the case on my Bloglovin. Have I done something wrong or do I need to do something else?

    Also, 14 of the blogs I follow published posts this morning. Only 9 of them showed up as "unread" ... when I searched for the "missing" blogs, today's posts are there, so I'm guess Bloglovin is considering them "read". I don't know why ... I haven't read a single blog yet this morning.

    I Googled for help but I don't seem to find the answers (although I found your review ... and am hoping that you will be able to quickly and easily point me in the right direction).

  4. I'm loving using it so far - and I love the android app on my phone, commenting on posts right from the app is great - i think I'll use the app more than the web!

    Thanks for the review

  5. Just a note of caution - I have friends whose blogs are not "valid" in bloglovin'. They show up in Google Reader, blogger and feedly - but they don't show up in bloglovin'. If you did a mass convert from Google Reader to bloglovin' - there was not a warning message that you lost some of your favorite blogs. Bloglovin works well - just double-check and make sure you have everybody!!

  6. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that you can for sure have Bloglovin' post to your facebook page!. If you need any help, just hit me up :)

    1. I know it's possible because I achieved it once and then deleted it again and now it's not working. Can you tell me how to install this? I seem to have forgotten the right steps ... :)

    2. Eleanora - I would love a tutorial on hoe to connect bloglovin to a facebook page instead of my personal page!

  7. I disagree with you. there is so many issues with this website such as challenging customer/reader service, discrimation and illegal activity

  8. Bloglovin's lackadaisical response to problems is infuriating. If it is going to take 6 to 18 hours to respond, for god's sake say so, don't tell people a response has been sent and to check their inboxes. I complained requested help multiple times. I complained twice to the company, and minutes later, 6 hours after the first complaint, I got a usable response. 18 hours after that, there was a response to the final complaint. In other words, after fixing the problem, they recreated it. No one looks at time stamps. No one considers the customer. And You have to be signed in to delete the account. Illogical and infuriating.

  9. Great post! Thx!

  10. I never used Google reader, just bookmarked all my blogs and visited as I had time. I guess I was tech-unsavvy, but with all the posts I've read about Google reader, I decided to check out the what and how's. I came across your blog review in a google search and appreciate the info! I think I'll give Bloglovin' a chance and see how it goes! Thanks for the input!

  11. Have you found any tut how to use the FB page instead of profile? I like the efficiency too but I'm having problem with comments. With some blogs they just go lost.

  12. I'm finding that blogs that hit my google reader list sometimes take hours to hit BlogLovin. The other thing I find is that on some blogs, I cannot leave comments.

  13. I wonder why my bloglovin frame is at the top of my page instead of the bottom. I'd like to try it at the bottom, but haven't found a setting to change it. As far as commenting I find that if I click the comment button and nothing happens, I can ctrl-click and it will open the comment box in a new window. But sometimes, if the blogger is using an embedded comment form, when I leave a comment it causes my top frame to go away. That's frustrating.

  14. I totall agree about the refreshment and seeing your followers. Actually, the question "why do I only see few of my followers" brought me here :) I thought there was something wrong with my account. I really think this is lame. I so want to know WHO is actually following me. I don't care about the numbers. I need to meet the real people. I really hope BL will take care of this soon.

  15. I was able to add my feed to my blog's FB page by going in on the FB app and act like I was adding another blog, and just added the same one to my blog page. Make sense? If not I took a screen shot. Email me and I can send you.

  16. Good review and especially useful since I just joined Bloglovin' today! Thank you!

  17. This is a very neatly written article. I'll be sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I'll definitely return.
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  18. Hi :) Do you have any suggestions on how to get your blog added to bloglovin? I've tried to add mine several times and it's not searchable yet (been 2 days) I contacted support but haven't heard back. I did the things they said to do, checking the RSS and such and all is fine... Any suggestions on what to do next?


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