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22 February 2012

Continuing with my Aussie-theme this week,
here's some fun stuff I pinned.
Good ol' Australia with the deadliest everything.
It turns out that 3 sharks were sighted at the beach on Saturday.
The very same beach we surfed at, just two hours prior.
Three freakin' sharks, people.
Let's chat for just a second about the awesomeness of Sydney Harbour.
And yes, you have to include the 'u' in harbour when you're down under.
Anyhow, it's pretty spectacular.
More than's unique in this world.
Why? It has 152 miles of coastline, all in one, compact city.
Think about that for a second.
That's more than the distance from San Diego to Los Angeles.
What it means is that the uber-rich don't have a monopoly on ocean.
You can be in the not-so-nice areas and still have a water view.
You might be facing north, south, east, or west...and all of a sudden....
you go over that next hill and BAM! the most amazing view that you never expected.
I really love Sydney for that.

What's this creature?
Well friends, this creature is a wombat.
Doesn't that just sound Australian?
They are cute arse marsupials that like getting hit by cars {sadly.}
They look really cuddly, but aren't.
I love them though :)
How cool would it be if it did happen though?!?!?
For that reason, we shall keep dreamin'.

A big thanks to Ms. Michelle for the link-up :)

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