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A Trip to Newcastle

17 January 2012

Newcastle is like my home away from home here in Oz.  I travel up here on a monthly basis for work {partially because I have a lot of business here, partially just because I love my Newcastle customers and the city itself.}

I always stay at the Sebel, Newcastle Beach.  I'm in love with their decor and hope to steal some of their ideas for my own home {not to mention, Jeff loves the blue chair.}

Of course, I never eat out when I'm travelling alone.  Even though the food at the Sebel is terrible.  I'm not one to complain about food, but it's getting a bit ridic.  As of tonight, I've officially gone through every vegetarian item on their menu.  Each one is worse than the last.  Now, I know what you're thinking--she's vegetarian...they are notoriously picky's probably just her.  Well, dear readers, it's not just me.  Jeff, my meat loving hubby {well, that sounds wrong}, agrees with me.  I tried the salad {meh}, I tried the steamed veggies {undercooked and over salted}, I tried the pumpkin ravioli {really awful...and I usually love that dish}, I tried the bruschetta {not sure how you screw up bruschetta, but they did.}

So tonight I went for pizza.  Surely pizza is a safe bet.  Wrong.  I ordered this pizza, minus the anchovies.  I had the plate all ready to go, sitting on my lap, and said my prayer.  I opened my eyes and noticed a glint of silver.  What could that be?  Oh, hello little dead fish on my pizza.  So I call room service, and they deliver a new one.  Even without the anchovies, the pizza still wasn't any good.  There was too much sauce, and it had a funny taste to it.  At least they didn't screw up the fruit!  It was delicious.

I like room service when I'm traveling because I pretty much spend every minute outside of working hours in my PJ's.  I certainly would not like to get dressed and go have dinner by myself at a proper restaurant.  Not when I have this sweet setup going on:

Haha!  The ipad is missing because I'm taking a picture with it.  But good grief, as if I really need to travel with my work laptop, personal laptop, and ipad {for one night away.}  However, I rationalize because I get lots of work done without the distractions of home & hubby.  

Anyhow, it's not very exciting, but it's all I've got.  I keep dreaming up a blog post {well, a vlog, to be specific} where I talk about some funny Aussie sayings and pronunciation.  I'm not sure if I actually have the balls to do it on video though.  I've literally never taken a video of myself, ever.  Not to mention, I grew up in a camcorder-free household.  There is not a single shred of home video footage, hell, there's barely a photo album worth of pictures.  At any rate, I might need a little encouragement in that department.  I could take the safe route and just blog about it, but I'm not sure it would really come across properly.  Any thoughts?


  1. I vote video. Partially because I am already laughing about how many outtakes you will have before you get one good enough to consider posting. Personal videos are the worst! I took a video once for Ryan (get your head out of the gutter!) to send him a birthday message while he was deployed and I think I burned through about a hundred takes before I managed something less horrible then the rest. Nothing is worse then being able to see/hear yourself and watching the replay is salt on an open wound.

    On a side note, how can one place screw up so many delicious vegetarian dishes? There's something really wrong about that haha!

  2. Ahhhh...Newcastle. My (far far far)home away from home as well. Studied abroad there in 2009 and convinced I left a big chunk of my heart there. Trying to establish a plan of when and how I will go about retrieving that back...


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