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Sydney Blue Sox

14 January 2012

My husband is a HUGE baseball fan.  I don't think there's any possible way to overstate this.  He has a daily countdown to spring training.  Spring training.  {Who does that???}  He loves everyday of the baseball regular season, everyday of the post season, every game of the World Series {even if the Yankees aren't in it}, and then gets majorly depressed the day after the World Series {even if the Yankees win} because it means that baseball is finished for the next five months.

So, you can imagine how excited he was to discover that Sydney has a baseball team.  Granted, the ABL {Australian Baseball League} was only started two years ago, and there are only 6 teams in the whole country, but it's baseball nonetheless.

Last night, we went to see them play.  Actually, let me back up a second.  When we decided to order tickets online {like two weeks ago}, we had a good laugh because we were able to purchase 'Behind the Plate' tickets for only $35.00 each.  To put that in perspective, those same tickets would be about $500 each at Yankees stadium. Then, a few days after purchasing the tickets, Jeff gets a personal email from the club's Manager thanking him for his support of the Sydney Blue Sox and giving us our seat assignments.  Wow!  Baseball certainly isn't popular in Australia.

Our seats

The game was good fun.  I kept joking with Jeff beforehand that he should play for them {he's a former baseball superstar.}  He did not find it very funny and told me that I'd be surprised how good they are.  Said they were at least Single A or Double AA level players in the US system.  After watching the game, I'd say the truth is somewhere in between.  The pitchers were throwing 88 mph fastballs and 79 mph change-ups {pretty fast.}  However, there were an awful lot of bloopers, dropped balls, errors, bad throws, etc.  So I'm not totally convinced.  Not to mention, the players were using the same concession stand as the fans.  Ummm, if that doesn't scream amateur to you, I don't know what does. 

Our smiling faces

All in all, it was a fun little date night.  The other neat thing about the Blue Sox baseball diamond was that you could still see the faded Olympics logo from the Sydney 2000 summer olympics.  We both really enjoyed seeing baseball's definitely been too long.  In fact, let's just check with Jeff to find out how many days until spring training.  Honey, how many days until spring training?  47.  Which means televised, major league baseball will be back in our household before you know it.  Then all will be right with the world :)

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