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Swinging through the Trees...

30 January 2012

Some friends of ours suggested a day trip up the Central Coast to the TreeTop Adventure Park.
Jeff and I did a big jungle excursion in Costa Rica which included zip lines, tree climbing, rappelling, etc.  So we were pretty excited to have another adventure.
It was outrageously fun...and very challenging.  The park is designed like an aerial obstacle course and, holy shit, am I sore!  Two days later--still sore.  I clearly used muscles I didn't know existed.
And, my pride and stubbornness cajoled me into doing every single course, including the black course {because, obviously, the other courses are for babies.}
I'll let the pictures tell the rest....

 {notice Jeff stealing kisses in the background...he's pretty sweet like that!}
Tired, sweaty, and exhausted....after more than four hours of Tarzan shenanigans.

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