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Showering with a Spider

19 January 2012

So, I hop in the shower this morning, pull the curtain closed, and start enjoying the hot water.  That's when I see it.  The spider conveniently chillin' on the inside of the shower curtain.  Now let me take a moment to describe the size of our shower.  It's not one of those big, shower+bath deals {in fact, I don't even know if those exist within the confines of Sydney sized apartments.}  It's not even a standard stall shower.  It's smaller.  So small that if the water gets too hot, there's no place to hide.  With that being said, there I am with a spider blocking my only exit.  It wasn't a huge spider, but certainly not tiny either.  Including the legs, it was probably quarter sized.  I start mentally examining my options....I need to take a shower, I'm already wet, but I can't relax with that spider, and I cannot create any safe distance.  I would have to move the shower curtain in order to exit, which is sure to make the spider move too.  

I decide to share my predicament with Jeff.  Hooooooney, there's a spider in the shower, and it's creeping me out!  Just as the words leave my mouth, the spider moves to the top of the curtain rod {which is oddly rectangular.}  J immediately comes in to examine.  "Should I blow it?" he asks, as he feigns a fake blow that would surely send the spider straight at me.  NO, you a**hole.  Take this seriously!  "Hmm...let me see....." and he begins banging the bathroom door against the shower frame.  Gee, thanks honey.  {Of course I know if the roles were reversed, he would be in no mood to play games.}  "I should have married Erich," I say, which is a low blow.  He's my sister's husband, and well renowned amongst our family for his fearlessness when it comes to spiders.  I witnessed this first hand in Costa Rica, when he picked up a spider the size of a tennis ball and gently released it outside their bungalow.  My low blow worked, and Jeff springs to action.  The next thing I know, he's got the vacuum setup in the bathroom, with the nozzle ready to suck up the spider.  In one fell swoop, he's gone.  "You're my hero, sweetie.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

The end.

But not really, because while we're on the topic, I saw a massive spider on New Years Eve.  We were walking in North Sydney and this thing was just chilling on the sidewalk.  As soon as I spotted it, I was very thankful to be wearing close toed shoes.  It's weird because you always hear about Australia having the deadliest, well, everything and yet...we've been pretty darn lucky in that category.  This was the first creepy looking creature we'd seen.  He was easily tarantula sized.  {Quick google image search....}

I'm pretty sure it was this guy.

Creeped out yet?  Me too!

Let's end this on a good note, shall we?

There we go.  Now we can all sleep at night :)  You're welcome.


  1. Unicorns crapping lucky charms is always a good note ;)

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, what amazing adventure you are having! And have you finished all the hunger games books yet? I did the same thing about a month ago...picked the first one up then ignored my hubby and children until I was done with them all :)

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for stopping by :) I'm on book #3 as of last night. So I'm pretty sure I'll be done before the weekend is through...they are so darn addictive! What are you reading now that you're through?

    Just checked out your have a beautiful family :) Those blue eyed kids....oh my goodness.


  4. Yuck, as soon as I saw the word "spider" in this post, I thought "I hope I don't see a photo of a hunstman". And there one is! Hunstman spiders (the big one you saw on NYE) are not that poisonous, but when they look like that, who cares? We had one living in a kitchen cabinet once. And when we moved out of our last place, found dead ones in the clothes Andy never wears. **Shudder**


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