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Seizing the Day

26 January 2012

Ashley over at The Shine Project put out a challenge to enjoy the small things.
To take time to stop and smell the roses.
To stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, and just be present.
So today, when my meeting unexpectedly got cancelled, I decided to do just that.

I seized the day.
You see, the husband & I are members at the zoo,
where they just happen to have tiger cubs.  Three tiger cubs.

The last time we were there, the line was reeeeeeeally long.
But I've been dying to see them ever since.

The weather looked like it could rain any moment.
What better time to go to the zoo and avoid the crowds?
And boy am I glad we did!
Can you handle the cuteness?
 {Mama tiger}

 {Mama tiger making sure I got a close-up}

 {Santa gave the tiger cubs a yellow saucer for Christmas.  It's their favorite play toy.}
 {It's like a one-man seesaw}
 {Until my brother comes along to play}
 {Finally all three together, playing!}
You know what's even better?
It was the cubs' birthday today!
They are five months old.
Weighing in at about 20kg each, they are starting to wean from mama.
To celebrate their birthday, they get a frozen blood treat {yummm} and a weekly weigh-in {oh joy!}
 {Still growing into my big, ol' paws}
 {Pigmy Hippo}

We continued seizing the day when we found out the free bird show was about to start.
Does the view get any better than this?

A visit to the zoo is never complete without the giraffes.
I want a miniature giraffe sooooo bad.
I provided my husband with the relevant information at Christmas time.
See, aren't they awesome?!?!?!
I think he didn't want to spend the money.
So he told me they don't exist.
Then how do you explain the giraffe-cam, mister?

{P.S. I installed a new program for commenting.  All old comments are hidden--but not gone--I promise!  This new program should be pretty rad, let me know what you think.}

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