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22 January 2012

It looks like Picnik's site is closing in April 2012.  Sorry if I'm the bearer of bad news on that one.  This begs the question--what programs do y'all use for editing photos, creating banners, etc?  Clearly photoshop is the holy grail {cough I used to have an illegal copy cough}, but for someone like me, I find it a bit cumbersome.  I always seem to go wrong with the layers.  Not to mention the fact that it takes a full two minutes for the program to open.  Anyhow, anything better, cheaper, more user-friendly out there?

I read some good stuff about GIMP, so I'm gonna give that a try.

Which brings me to the reason I've been using said programs....I finally figured out how to create blogger buttons.  I know, late the party, eh.  Nevertheless, my excitement cannot be dampened!

So, if you want to swap buttons....let's talk :)

What do think?

In other news, we had a little potluck lunch after meditation today and talked about our experiences in India.  It was nice to relive some of the memories.  And it totally made me wish I was back there!  I have a blog post cooking that will highlight my India trip...get excited :)

Here's a little teaser....


  1. Hey Avy--
    Thanks for stopping by :) What part of LA are you from? I call Redondo Beach 'home', even though I'm living in Sydney at the moment. Someone mentioned the 405 the other day and I seriously got nostalgic. Now you *know* you love LA when the 405 can do that to you. Haha!


  2. I'm willing to bet that picnic comes back under a different name by Google the day they "close down" shop. I wouldn't worry about it yet!

    I almost have a hunch that they will integrate it with Blogger, so you can edit photos on the fly. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  3. Katie,
    I bet you're right. It says something on their site about the features being integrated with Google+, but I've tried both and find the Picnik interface easier.

    If they fully synced the photo editing features with that would be a bloggie wet dream....haha!


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