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My life in 60 seconds...{part 2}

12 January 2012

About one year into living in SoCal, I met Jeff.  He was handsome, interesting, liked good music, had a great job.  He's now my husband. {We'll save all the in-between details for another time.}

After a couple years of working at the horse ranch in SoCal {horse people are crazy}, it was time to get a 'grown-up' job.  Not to mention, Jeff and I had been doing a 'semi' long distance relationship for a year and were sick of the commute {okay, it was only 90 miles.  but in LA traffic.}  Some searching and job hopping eventually led me to my current career in sales.  I LOVE my job!  I get to work with doctors, nurses, and related staff to educate them on the medications, dosages, side effects, patient type, etc.

My first year at the job was pretty stellar and I won a company-wide award.  Because of that award, I got to go to Amsterdam to work a conference.  While there, I met some colleagues from our Australia office.  Jeff and I had always talked about wanting to live overseas if we could make it work with either of our careers.  So I networked with the Aussies and told them I'd love to come work for them {thinking nothing would come of it.} Six months go by, and I get an email telling me about a few open positions in Sydney.  We jumped at the opportunity and did everything in our power to make it work {subleasing the apartment, storing the car, arranging for the dogs to stay with my sister, and a million other things that you don't realize until you plan to move across the planet.}

We've been living in Sydney for 6 months now {gosh it goes by quickly} and am loving the experience.  It's finally summer and Jeff & I are taking full advantage of the beach.  After living through two straight winters {granted they were mild} in LA then's so unbelievably nice to feel warm.  

Now that we're all caught up, expect some posts about life Down Under!


  1. Welcome to blogger Emily! Its so weird that you commented on my blog. I thought about you this week when someone told me I looked like anne hathaway lol. I always thought you looked like her! Anyway, welcome. I cant wait to read about your new life overseas!

  2. Ha! That's awesome. Yes, she is my celeb lookalike. However, I stood next to her in a bathroom line at a small concert in LA...and she is very short! {like most celebs, I guess} So you and I would tower over her! Who do you think you look like?

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