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My life in 60 seconds...{part 1}

12 January 2012

I was born and raised in Michigan....the good ol' Mitten state.  And, yes, I use my hand as a map.  Let's just say it's handy.  See what I did there.

I studied at Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) and got my degree in Animal Science.  I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but got talked out of it by some very smart, loveable professors (hello med-school sized student loans and $40,000 starting salary, on-call 24/7, and oh yeah, animals only get sick on nights and weekends.)

The reason I wanted to be a veterinarian is because I spent my entire childhood and early adulthood on the back of a horse.  I rode, showed, and trained Arabian horses.  In college, I even got to train and show the MSU horses at the National level (and received college credit for it! go figure).  When I graduated, my oldest sister was living in Southern California.  Being the great saleswoman she was, she tried to convince the whole family to move west.  Well, for me, it didn't take much convincing.  I found my dream job training horses and Amateur riders at an Arabian horse farm in SoCal.  They offered to pay me far more than I was worth.  Sold!

(MSU Shakeitup, National Top Ten)

So I moved to SoCal.  Helloooooooo palm trees!  It was my own personal slice of paradise!  

To be continued!  In my next post I'll talk about changing jobs, meeting my husband, and how we ended up in Sydney, Australia :)

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