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Kangaroos, err, Wallabies

18 January 2012

Today I visited one of my favorite hospitals.  It might also be Jeff's least favorite hospital for me to visit.  Why?  Well, it's a forensic hospital that houses some of the most dangerous 'not guilty by reason of insanity' patients in Australia.  Yippee!  Seriously though, it can be a bit sketchy at times.  Despite many safety precautions, my favorite nurse got two cracked ribs, courtesy of a patient's knee.

So why do I love this place?  The kangaroos, of course!  Okay, they're actually wallabies if you want to get specific.  Apparently, you can tell the difference by looking at their teeth and jawbones.  {Isn't that handy.}  The hospital grounds are full of them, and they are so darn cute.  

I parked by these two today.
The first time I went, there were bajillions
Sadly, they look pathetic and miserable in the rain
One time, I brought Jeff with me so he could meet them.  I mean, it really doesn't get more Australian than this.  Kangaroos at the freakin' hospital, people.  On our drive in, we noticed a few cars parked and parents with children feeding the wallabies.  Um, yes please, says the Animal Science major & animal lover in me!  We didn't have much in the way of food on us, but I rustled up a few crackers.  As soon as we parked the car, they knew the drill.  The humans are here to feed us.  Well, things turned sour in a hurry.  Thankfully, my hubby caught the whole thing on video.
My shining moment: "Look, he's got a baby in his pouch."  


  1. How cool! I thought about being a psychologist in a mental hospital, but then I gave up psychology. Such a cool opportunity but I wouldn't want to be chased by them either!

  2. That kangaroo kind of looks like she wants to box you!

  3. Linds, my dad is a psychologist. He does private practice though. I think it would be very hard to work in an environment where you need to be on alert for your personal safety everyday.

    And yeah, the 'roos are awesome. But as cute as they are, they are still wild animals...haha!

  4. Theresa, she was definitely not afraid of a little altercation...haha. What she actually did was scratch me with her claws several times!

    But after reading a story in the news around Xmas time of a girl playing in a National Park and having a full size 'roo start trying to stomp her to death...I feel I got off juuuuust fine.


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