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Friday's Letters

20 January 2012

I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters {which is a bit tricky, given the time difference. It's actually Saturday here, but still Friday in the US, so what the heck...}

Dear Ocean, can you please cool it with the massive waves?  I'm trying to learn to surf here.  Maybe you didn't get the memo.  Just so we're clear, the 3-4 foot stuff that comes like rapid fire is not desirable.  In fact, I feel like a battered spouse.  Thanks to you I had to ice my elbow last night.  Honestly, when you're like this, it makes me scared, angry, and discouraged.  I feel like I'll never learn.

Dear Husband, when I'm upset about said surfing, it's not the greatest time to say that you're managing the ocean because of all the working out you've been doing {just pretend it sucked for you too, mmmkay.}  Regardless, I could never stay mad at you.  You're too darn sweet, {and you made a delicious dinner!}  You inspire me each and every day with your work ethic, self discipline, creativity, and ingenuity.  I love being your wife!

Dear Suzanne Collins, do you think you could stretch out The Hunger Games beyond three books?  At the rate I'm going, I'll be done with the trilogy tomorrow...and then what?!?!!?  Am I just supposed to go back to life without Katniss Everdeen?  

Dear Claire, thanks for getting everything booked for our Phuket trip.  If I'm being completely honest, I'm glad you booked everything because I was worried you wouldn't like what I booked.  Basically, I have the feeling you might be the pickier of the two of us.  I actually looked a these neat beach huts that only get electricity for 3 hours a day.  Something tells me that wouldn't fly with you.  Our four days of relaxing on the private beach of a Thai island cannot come soon enough!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Dear Suzanne Collins- I concur with Emmy's letters. Life without Catniss is no fun at all. Please and thanks.


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