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21 January 2012

I miss having a horse....showing a horse...grooming a horse....

You name it.  If it's horse related, I miss it!

Rationally, I understand that now's not the time.  Ever since I stopped working at the horse ranch in 2007, my focus has been on my career, and gaining a solid financial footing so that eventually, we'd be in a place where I could start riding and showing again {thanks SoCal for being so darn expensive!}  Jeff and I have made huge strides in terms of eliminating debt, accruing savings, and increasing our earning potential.

I know we'll get there.  But on evenings when I'm bored, I like to do a little equine window shopping, if you will.  I browse through DreamHorse and check to see if my perfect horse is out there waiting for me.  

Sometimes people suggest I should take riding lessons...just do something to get on a horse.  And I appreciate the well-intended suggestions.  However, the fact remains that I use to get paid to ride other people's horses.  In fact, they paid $600/month/horse to be in training with me.  So, in some ways, it just seems wrong to pay to ride a horse.  Not only that, but it wouldn't be any fun.  I know how lesson horses are...they are dead broke, oftentimes lazy, with rock hard mouthes.  When I ride, I want to be working toward something.  The thrill is in taking a beautiful, athletic horse...and training it to perform to it's full potential.  If I don't have an end game in mind, it's hard to just plod along.  

I suppose it's the equivalent of trying to get a professional photographer to purchase a disposable camera and take pictures with it for fun.  I suspect that nothing about the scenario would be fun for a photog.

Anyhow, now that you understand my predicament, why don't you enjoy the finds from my equine window shopping?

Mag Neato, 3 year old, Half Arabian gelding

Cuervo Sunrise CCR, 6 year old, Half Arabian gelding

Magnetic Pashan, 10 year old, Arabian mare

Ola La DDA, 2 year old, Arabian filly

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  1. Amen. I have been fortunate enough to find a horse in every place that I have moved that needed to be ridden. I always check craigslist and go down to the local show barn and try to make friends. It has provided me with 8 years of free riding! (but I do quarter horses and/or warmbloods... No arabs for me :)


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