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Book Club Friday

27 January 2012

I'm linking up with Heather for Book Club Friday.

I promise this is the last time I'm dedicating a post to The Hunger Games {are we up to 3 mentions now?!?  Eh, who's counting.}
Here's the thing peeps, you've got to read this trilogy.
You'll love them.
It's impossible not to.
To be honest, I'm normally pretty critical of the popular books that everybody and their brother are reading.  I tend to think they are predictable, or lack character development, or don't explore any noteworthy topics.
But that's not true of this trilogy.  Yes, you will get hooked on page 1.
However, the characters are well developed--you'll love them, and hate them, and be scared for them, and hope for them, and cry for them.  The author explores the {not so pretty} realities of children who grow up in war-torn countries.  The story is very beautifully told and imaginative.
The movie will be released in a few short months, so the perfect time to read is now.

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