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15 January 2012

My boarding passes are printed and I'm ready for a quick flight up to Tamworth tomorrow to conduct a nurse training.  Do I need any form of ID? Nope.  Should I double check my liquids? Nope.  Do I even need to take off my shoes? No ma'am.  Welcome to the wonderful world of domestic flights in Australia {otherwise known as traveling in the US circa 1990.}  It's easy, it's painless, it feels slightly wrong.  Funny how we get used to some things.  I remember traveling to Germany in December 2001.  There was a lot of hubbub in the news about heightened airport security post-Sept 11.  I definitely had a bit of anxiety about it, because I was traveling to Europe alone at the age of seventeen.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that TSA profiling was in full effect.  Young, white, female..."sweetheart, you don't have any bombs or weapons on you do you?", {big, sweet smile} "nope", "have a wonderful day and safe travels."  That treatment, at one point in time, was considered 'heightened' security.

Now that we live in the days of equal {crappy} treatment for all....we are welcomed into a looooong security line with grumpy TSA workers reminding us that all belts, shoes, coins, watches, metal, liquids, laptops, must be removed and placed in the trays.  And we comply.  We don't like it, but we've come to accept it.  Not to mention the full body scans and 'enhanced' pat-downs.

It feels nice living in a country that still has its innocence.  I walk into the airport, boarding pass in hand, and walk straight to the security line.  In under five minutes, I'm through security, without so much as removing a shoe.  No need to show a boarding pass until you're actually boarding the plane.  Identification?  Safely resting in my purse.  Not only that, they feed you on the plane.  For free.  Even if it's only a 35 minute flight.  It kind of makes me wonder--is America that jaded, or is Australia that innocent?  And who will change first?  Despite my optimism, it's hard for me to imagine the U.S. deciding to loosen the reins.  But I still hope that doesn't mean Australia will follow suit.

Happy flying :)


  1. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! I completely agree about travelling in Australia - I still tend to have my ID out, but then no one asks for it, so I just kind of... hold it. And then I hang on to my boarding pass, and no one asks for it, so I just kind of... hold that, too. I really must get used to it, I've lived here for long enough now.

  2. Next time just fill your hands with a jug of water and some scissors instead. Hahaha, kidding. It does take some getting used to...but I like it! And actually when I fly out of the small regional airports (ie coming home from Tamworth), there's no security at all! Then just scan your boarding pass before you walk out to the plane. It's funny, because you see people strolling up to the airport 5 minutes before the flight. I'm still not that ballsy, so of course I'm there way too early!


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