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Faye {7 Months}

28 October 2015

What a difference a month makes, my love! You are so mobile now...finally figuring out the crawling stance and making forward progress. The funny part about you being so mobile is that our co-sleeping arrangement has turned into an all-you-can eat buffet. You just wake up and crawl over and I don't get much say in the matter.

On the topic of eating, you tried your first solid foods soon after turning 6-months old. You were so ready and really enjoyed it. It was a messy, vocal, fun event. Now you love trying all kinds of food and you give us side eye if we are eating and you're not included. We are doing the "Baby Led Weaning" method and just giving you hunks of fruit & veggies to gnaw on. It's messy, but you love feeding yourself and have figured out how to use your two tiny teeth quite well!

We had your Christening on Saturday, October 3rd. It was so wonderful--really filled with love and joy. You truly seemed to enjoy the ceremony and when the minister put his hand on your head, you just looked up at him with the biggest smile. Many of our close friends attended and it was a blessing to feel so much love and support from our Cali "family."

On 10/2, we went out for a date night and Jai & Liz babysat you. When we came home, we discovered they taught you how to wave...and captured it on video. So cute! You practice this skill intermittently, and not always on command :)

Grandma came to visit for a week!

10/5: I was making you laugh today, pretending to eat your neck. Then you put your mouth on my face and made the same noise and giggled. It was so obvious that you were participating in the game. It was sweet and fun and surprising all at once. You're a smart cookie!

First swim class...back floating and practicing kicking. You had so much fun!

Of course once you got good at crawling, you immediately wanted to practice standing!

The wrong person is napping!

It seems like every month is such a developmental leap for you! It's hard to keep up! This month was so much fun..and also a lot of work. It was a big adjustment for us to start feeding you dinner every night. We really had to keep on track because after dinner you needed to go straight into the bath before turning into a pumpkin at 7pm for bedtime.  Your dad and I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of cooking, high chair cleaning, kitchen duties, and more that needed to be done every evening. However, we really figured out some good teamwork and it got much easier as we adjusted.

I think this month also felt overwhelming to me in terms of how to fit it all in. I just felt very pressed for time and wanted to make the most of our evening time together...but also felt like there was so much to do throughout the day and I was constantly having to prioritize and reprioritize.

Including you in family meal time is such a joy. I love seeing how happy it makes you and how proud you are to be part of it. You were so determined to crawl and it was a relief for all of us when you figured out how to make forward progress. It's funny because within two days of really doing "good" crawling, you became so interested in standing. I'm amazed how quickly you want to stretch your limits!

Without a doubt, there's so much that I'm forgetting to capture. Like how much we love to sing songs, how sharp your talon nails are, what a noisy eater you are, and how interested you are in your Mazzy dog. But I'm glad to be capturing little glimpses of our life anyway.

I've decided that your smile is what ever-new joy feels like. I could never tire of it. We are so in love with you!

Faye {6 Months}

15 September 2015

Faye's Sixth Month:

 Weight: 17lbs, 5oz (90th percentile)
Height:  27" (95th percentile)
Size Clothes: 6 month clothes

New and Noteworthy: first 2 teeth cut (bottom middle), first time in a high-chair, first time meeting Daniel (from NZ), and Penny & Gary from Australia; on the "noteworthy" side of're a total carseat pooper! As soon as you're buckled in and we start driving somewhere (usually to the babysitters), you decide it's the perfect time to poop. So funny!

If I could only pick two words for the month, they would be 1) crawling, and 2) fussy! Thankfully I can use as many words as I want and there were so many other noteworthy things this month. But were hell-bent on figuring out how to crawl. You spent most of the month backward crawling, which didn't satisfy you in the least. The object of your desire would get further and further away--making you fussier and fussier. I know it was so much work trying to figure it all out. You overachieved big time by doing plank holds regularly. 

I checked your mouth regularly thinking I could blame your fussiness on teething. I couldn't see any teeth buds for most of the month...but finally you did cut two bottom teeth! They are still just poking through and so we can cherish your gummy smile a little longer.

grandpa babywearing!

We had a whole week together for Convocation. It was such a sweet week of babywearing, long naps together daily, and spending time with friends. You got to meet Uncle Daniel from New Zealand, Penny & Gary from Australia, and many more friends. Our routine was to do our normal bedtime stuff at 7pm. Then once you were asleep, I would put you in the Ergo and go down to watch the 7:30pm evening class. Most nights you slept through it, but on Friday night you kept waking up. The speaker was Mrinalini Mata (the President of SRF) and she went way past the allotted hour of time. Toward the end, she had a pause in her talk and you let out the loudest, longest yawn. I think the whole room was silently amused.

hanging with Aunt Renee at Convo

we even met the Founder of Attachment Parenting International

Uncle Daniel!

(8/26) You signed "milk" to me for the first time. It was after work and we were just laying down to nurse and you looked at your hand and made the sign. Usually you just smile and giggle when I ask you if you want milk and do the baby sign language, so I know you understand...but it was amazing to see you sign for yourself!

first time in a high chair

At Uncle Eddy's graduation

You like trying to suck on my nose (gross, I know) and putting your mouth next to my mouth. It makes you giggle when i pretend to eat you. You're also so grabby now and wanting to scratch and touch anything you can get your hands on. The next thing you know, it will be in your mouth!

We went to Catalina Island over Labor Day weekend. It was such a fun time playing in the pool and enjoying the beautiful ocean views! We all had fun cruising around in the golf cart. Your eyes were as big as saucers.

After enjoying the pool on Catalina Island, and with it being so hot at home, we got a kiddie pool for the backyard. You mainly just try to eat the side of it.

Happy half birthday, my love! There's nothing we cherish more than observing and shaping the person you're becoming. With each new development, you better express your personality and it's so awesome. We love playing with you, snuggling you, consoling you, and more. We cannot wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!

Faye {5 Months}

15 August 2015

Faye's Fifth Month:

 Weight: don't know...16+ pounds
Height:  won't know until our 6-mo pediatrician appointment
Size Clothes: 6 month clothes, almost exclusively

I'm going to try a different format for these monthly updates, which I hope will better capture some of the day-to-day sweetness. Here are a few sweet moments I wrote down this month:

7/15: We had the most tender moment together this evening after work. I was sitting in bed, holding you in the air. You leaned forward until your face was close to mine. You cupped my cheek with your hand and studied my face so intently. While my heart surged with love, I looked deep in your eyes and thought how lucky that our souls reunited in this lifetime. I can't wait to see what you'll teach me.

7/20: Our bedtime routine is so sweet. I think I look forward to it as much as you do (minus the sometimes fussing and crying to get mommy to move faster.) Once we are in bed you are just frantic to nurse right away, even though often you're not that hungry. After you drink for awhile, on the nights when it's 6:30pm instead of 7pm, you start to softly coo in the dark and just seem to enjoy the quiet snuggle time. Tonight I softly sang some SRF chants to you, which you enjoyed. It's sweet how much you love my singing (must be unconditional love!)

7/20: Yesterday you wanted to hold my hands so you could pull yourself from the lying down position to sitting up. From there, you wanted to pull yourself into a standing position. I'd never seen you do this before. Today, it's like your new thing. I'm amazed how one day something is new, and the next it's like you have it mastered. You're getting so strong and coordinated and aware of your body. I love watching you grow and learn and am truly in awe of you.

7/20: Just when I start to question your nighttime feedings and wonder if I should be sleep training you, I read a couple chapters of "Sweet Sleep" and was reminded how normal it you get 1/3 of your calories it's our important bonding time after a full day away from each other...and how lucky I am that I get to snuggle you all night and meet all your needs for food and comfort. What a gift! Yes, I've had some nights of very interrupted sleep...but we manage and always seem to find time to sneak in a nap together or sleep in on the weekend to make up for it.

Since writing the last paragraph about sleep--two things have happened that are making our nights much more enjoyable. 1) I stopped looking at the clock and tracking how many times we are up. 2) We have mastered side-by-side nursing. Now I'm not spending much time awake at all and not analyzing whether you're hungry or how long it's been or how long before we get up for the day....I just pull you close and you nurse. I fall back asleep and we are both happy :)

Your physical capabilities have advanced so much this month! You grab everything in hair, my face, toys, carseat straps, your pacifier clip, your clothes, your feet...the list goes on! You play with your pacifier now as much as you actually suck on it. Everything goes in the mouth and we cannot seem to keep your chin dry because there's constant drool from you licking and sucking on everything.

You grew into your bouncer this month. At first it was very over-stimulating to you and it was only fun for a few minutes at a time. Now you're like an old pro and you love spending time in there. We laugh and laugh at how much time is spent with your face pressed against the rolling cylinder. You just spin it and lick it until your nose turns pink from being smooshed for so long!

You used to hate tummy you will only spend time on your tummy. If we lay you on your back, you roll right over.  Katie learned the hard way when you rolled off the couch at her house! But you're tough and only cried for a minute. You really want to crawl, and truth be told, you can. You've got the 360 movements down and you can backward crawl. You don't seem to know it yet though...probably because you're wishing you could go forward toward the things you see. Nonetheless, after five or ten minutes on the floor, you end up in a very different spot than you started. The days are numbered before we'll have to baby proof the house and keep a very close eye on you!

This past month has been a great one for the whole family. We've really settled into a routine with work, household duties, and spending quality time with you. You get to stay home with Daddy on Friday's and that's been a huge blessing for all of us. You two have bonded so much during that time and it's been a joy to observe. Also, your dad's confidence as a parent has grown tremendously and he's even washing & stuffing cloth diapers now! We are pretty lucky.

I've figured out a pretty good work-life balance and am no longer feeling much "mommy guilt." One day I had a late evening event for work, so we went to a Mommy & Me Music class (pictured above) before I dropped you at daycare in the morning. While I don't love the occasional late night at work, I am thankful for the flexibility in my schedule and I think we get a lot more time together than many other moms who work full-time.

Last Wednesday, I had an all-day work meeting in Orange County and I didn't think I would be home to see you before bedtime. But the traffic gods smiled on me, and I made it home at 6:25pm. I was ecstatic to get a little time together before bed and was just soaking it in. You were equally happy to see me. There was a moment when you were laying on your back and I had my face just over yours. I wasn't doing or saying anything, just smiling at you. You started grinning from ear to ear, and were smiling so hard that you couldn't help but giggle. This smiling and giggling went on for a minute or two. You were just so happy to see me that you couldn't contain it. It was so touching to me, because I felt the same, but it was the first time you expressed an emotion that made me realize that although you were a happy, content baby for your dad, you truly missed me and were so glad when I got home.

Every day with you gets better and better. I cannot wait to see what the next month brings. Love you baby girl!

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