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21 Weeks

22 October 2014

How far along are you? 21 weeks and 2 days 
Cravings: I haven't really had any specific cravings.  I'm slightly more interested in carbs than normal, and sadly my sweet tooth has returned.  It was completely gone in my first trimester and I was hoping by some miracle that I would be permanently cured.  But alas, it turns out I do still enjoy sugar.
Weight Gain: roughly 9-10 lbs
"Today I spent the majority of the day thinking about having to pee, trying to find bathrooms, and going pee." -me
"A great drinking game would be to take a shot every time "c-section" is mentioned on this maternity tour." -Jeff
"I think it's a boy"- Everyone
Favorite moment this week:  Far and away the best moment was Jeff getting to feel the baby kick for the first time.  Not once, but twice!  It felt like such a special gift and I immediately burst into tears.
General mood:  Great!  I have energy, I feel good, and people are finally starting to acknowledge that I have a baby I'm pretty excited about that.
Sleep: Easy peasy.  I love sleep and I have a heavenly sleep mask that makes the experience that much better.  I've been listening to my Hypnobabies CD's in bed and I easily drift into hypnotic amnesia (that's what they call it...but it sure feels a lot like sleep.)
Things I was surprised by: My balance is the teeniest bit off at times.  I totally bit the dust while doing a warm up jog at Crossfit.  It was surprising, embarrassing, and scary.  Fortunately, my mommy instinct was to avoid any belly contact and just slide across the concrete on my shoulder, hip, and knee instead.  It's all good though...nothing a little Neosporin can't treat.
Things I am most looking forward to:  Our ultrasound tomorrow morning!  I cannot wait to see this little nugget again and find out the gender!
What I think is really cool and crazy: Feeling so much baby movement, and now expecting some kicks around 8:30 every night.
Food Aversions:  Oh man, I had soooo many of these in my first trimester.  Thankfully, I haven't had any food aversions lately.
Maternity Clothes: The top I'm wearing in the first photo is a maternity top I picked up from Ross for $6.99.  It has buttons down the back.  Love it!  I don't really need maternity clothes at this point, but I do need my BellyBand or a hair tie to fasten my pre-preggo jeans.
Gender: Finding out tomorrow!

The Big News

13 October 2014

What could possibly cause these reactions???

Jeff's mom & aunts
my mom & dad

 Well, our parents finally got video-tours of our new house with all our completed renovations.  They especially enjoyed seeing our plans for the final bedroom of the tour, with a sign that read:

Future Nursery, Coming March 2015

We are so excited to be adding a little kiddo to our family.  It makes it even more awesome that two of my good friends are preggo right now too.  One of those hot mamas happens to be my blogger BFF, Lindsay, from Trial by Sapphire.  I've been telling Linds for over a year that we need to have babies at the same time.  And what do you know?!  Without planning it, and despite trying at different times, we are only one week apart.  Meant.To.Be. 

18 week selfie, finally showing a little bump
I'll be 20 weeks (five freakin' months!) tomorrow.  I feel great and am excited to start showing a bit more.  Love this little nugget so much already :)

Why I Competed in the Crossfit Open {And Why You Should Too!}

06 October 2014

The Crossfit Open is the first and only Crossfit competition I've ever done.  It's a worldwide event that takes place in Feb/Mar every year.  A workout gets announced every week for five weeks, you complete the workout at your own gym with a judge watching you and keeping score, then you submit your scores online.  You get ranked against all other athletes worldwide.

So Why Compete?

I competed mainly because of the amazing camaraderie of my gym.  We did the workouts each Saturday and made it into a really fun atmosphere.
What I learned in the process is what an incredible opportunity it is to stretch yourself and test the bounds of your fitness in a safe environment.

Every single person in our gym hit PR's, completed a movement they've never done before, and pushed themselves beyond their perceived limitations.

Power snatching for workout 14.1

Double Under jump roping for workout 14.1

Excuses Not to Compete:

I cannot lift the weights required.
I cannot do some of the movements.
I'm not where I want to be--I'll wait until next year.

Here's the thing--you never know.  You don't know what the workouts will be when you sign up.  I thought for sure there would be at least one workout where I wouldn't be able to handle the weights, but there weren't.  If there's a movement you cannot do, the Open is a perfect time to try.  I had never done Chest to Bar Pullups before.  I did eighteen in workout 14.2...surprised the heck out of me.  We had members PR their first overhead squat of 65# (or 95# for men.)  In one workout, I did fourteen deadlifts at 185#, even though my one rep max is only 200#.  It's the best feeling in the world to have people cheering you on, and to use that energy to do something you didn't think you could.

As for waiting until next year...again, you never know.  One of our best female athletes couldn't compete this year because of a non-injury health issue.  I won't be able to compete next year because I'm due to have a baby at the beginning of March.  I had no clue when I signed up this year, that I would be pregnant next the point is, don't wait for the "perfect" opportunity.  It may never come.  Just sign up and have fun.

in the background, doing chest to bar pullups for workout 14.2 (the woman in the foreground PR'ed her OH squat)

Doing overhead squats in workout 14.2
I don't have any photos of me doing this workout
No photos of this workout either...even though I was crazy enough to do it twice.  I got one of the Top 3 Female scores in our gym (and again was completely surprised by my performance.)

burpees over the bar (a movement belonging in special circles of hell)

I think my final ranking after the five workouts was something like #1,500 for females in my age division.  Whatever it was, I was really happy.  It's funny because the rank was so bad, but I performed so much better than I anticipated.  Even though I went into it with trepidation and some feelings of inadequacy, I completed the competition feeling proud of myself and so thankful that I did it.

Every person in my gym, regardless of fitness level or age had the same reaction after the Open.  For that reason, I really encourage you to compete.  I'd been doing Crossfit for just shy of a year when the Open started, as a point of reference.  So the only exception I'll make to my statements if that if you're brand new (less than 6 months Crossfitting), then I can understand wanting to wait a year.  But of course, it all depends on your level of fitness {and how adventurous you are!}

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