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Faye {3 Months}

22 June 2015

{turned 3-months on June 12, 2015. The blog post is late...of course!}
You're so busy now it's getting hard to snap pictures of you
Your Aunt Becca came to visit and we had a fun girl's night that included Aunt Renee. You got loved on big time!

Your first time in a cloth diaper. It was a major fail--leakage everywhere!
(This was May 19 and since then you've grown into them.)

In the airport for our first flight to ABQ. Babywearing saved us and made it a really easy trip.
You slept the entire plane ride both directions.

We had a great visit with Aunt Beth and you got to meet your cousins who were really interested in you.

Faye's Third Month:

 Weight: 14 lbs approx.
Height:  won't know until 4mo checkup
Size Clothes: 3 month and 3-6month for everything

You still love sleeping with your head hanging off things.

And we still snooze together every chance we get :)

Sleeping: You still wake up to eat about every 3 hours at night. You are getting more predictable with nap time and bed time. Even during our two trips this month (both in different time zones), you pretty much kept to your "routine." You've had days where you sleep nearly all day it seems, which must be a sign of some major development. 

Nicknames: Peanut, Faybeline, Baby Girl

Oftentimes people think you're a boy unless I put a headband on you (which I rarely do)

first time laying in your crib

First time in the Bumbo

Likes: Your hands! You love to study them, put them in your mouth, lick them, and try to suck your thumb. You also love sitting up and standing up. You still like scratching your face a lot (boo!)

Dislikes: While tummy time still isn't your favorite, you've definitely turned a corner. You still cry post-bath, but I'd say your biggest dislike is loud noises.

I had to go back to work. Major dislike!
First time at the beach. In your new ring sling.

Enjoying the pool in Miami

Pool chic!

Milestones: You took two flights this month--to Albuquerque and Miami! Your neck control has gotten so good and even strangers remark about how unbelievably strong you are for your age. You are also working hard on hand-eye coordination and exploring the "squacking/screaming" aspect of your voice. You spent about 5 minutes in your crib for the first time ever. You went in a pool (and didn't care.) You spent time on the beach. You wore a cloth diaper for the first time.

Meeting Great Grandma Shirley during our FL trip

Too busy grabbing things to smile for the camera

Annoyed with mom after being repositioned for the hundredth time

Faye, we had such a great month together! You're growing and developing so rapidly. Now when you're awake we can really play together and talk to each other. Our bond keeps getting deeper and I cannot believe how much I enjoy spending time with you. It's really a joy to be your mom and I'm so thankful for your sweet and easy-going disposition. I tell you a million times a day--you're so loved!

Gratitude and Grief

01 June 2015

Today was a rough day.
My first day back at work.
My mantra was to focus on the many things that fill my heart with gratitude...

...My sweet, healthy, easygoing baby. supportive, loving husband who's been able to participate so much during my maternity leave.
...the precious 11 weeks I got to spend with my daughter without stressing about work or finances.
...the wonderful, sweet, caring person we found to watch Faye.
...a career I enjoy, filled with colleagues and customers that sent us so much love during this time.

And yet, there was also sadness.
Sadness that someone else was taking care of my Peanut.
Disappointment that I have to pump breastmilk when that time is usually reserved for sweet bonding.
A persistent, nagging feeling that something just isn't right.
That's there a tiny human out there dependent on me for survival, and I'm not there to love her, protect her, feed her, or teach her.

The first photo Katie texted me brought a tear to my eye.
Then I kept it together the rest of the day, just focusing on the task at hand.

When the work day finally ended and I got home with my babe,
she nursed,
while I cried.
I stroked her head, telling her how much I loved her.
How much I missed her.

When she finished nursing, she told me all about her day.
With her coos and smiles, she assured me that everything would be okay.

First day photos sent from her loving care provider, Katie

Playing with Katie's 18-month old daughter

Faye {2 Months}

26 May 2015

post was written on 5/13/15

first real smile I was able to capture on camera

Faye's Second Month:

 Weight: 11lbs exactly! (59%)
Height:  22.5 inches (60%)
Size Clothes: We ditched newborn size onesies & pajamas around 6 weeks due to length. You still fit into NB pants, but wear 3-mo sizes for everything else.

when you sleep on my chest it's my favorite thing ever

Sleeping: You're still sleeping really well at night. We now wake up just once a night, usually at 3am. You went through a little stretch of not sleeping much during the day, choosing to just quietly observe everything instead. I started doing a better job of tracking your sleep and laying you down for naps so you're not over-stimulated.

Nicknames: Peanut, Faybeline, Hiccup, HG (short for Hiccup Grunt)

Likes: Smiling & Cooing, scratching your face, kicking, being rocked, Mommy's singing, bath time, watching TV (boo!), the ceiling fan, the changing table {your favorite place!}

in the sweater & hat that Grandma made you...your last time wearing it because you're growing so fast!

Dislikes: hiccups, being burped, tummy time (you cried at the pediatrician's office just to demonstrate this point), post-bath time (toweling & moisturizing), having your nails clipped, being swaddled (you like your arms free)

Milestones: You rolled from tummy to back 3 times at only three weeks old! you don't do it often, but you will if you're frustrated enough during tummy time. You track things very well with your eyes and will turn your head when you hear familiar voices. Smiling & cooing were the big milestones this month and have been, BY FAR, our favorite thing so far. They seriously melt our hearts!

When you let out little cries in your sleep it makes us giggle. We wonder what baby nightmares could be about. Is a boob being dangled in front of your face, then taken away?

you love motion so Aunt Renee & Uncle Eddy made a "swaddle hammock" to swing you in

our first Mother's Day

Mother's Day smiles

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